Fax For Me
-send a fax directly from your iPhone
Turn your iPhone or iPad into a multifunction fax
machine! Just scan documents with your camera
or import from iCloud, Dropbox, Google drive or
your photos and send them as a fax.

Fax For Me - Send Fax App

  • Scan and fax any kinds of documents:
    contracts, agreements, checks, bills,
    records, schedules, work schedules -
    all that you need in your daily
    working life.
  • Keep your scans as multi-page files,
    create documents from Camera Roll
    images, and send them by fax!
  • Special built-in scan features allow
    you to improve the image, remove
    noise and shadows, and automatically
    adjust the scale and much more.
  • Now you can safely get rid of your
    uncomfortable and cumbersome fax
    machine and start using Fax for me!

Key features:

  • Full support for iOS 10
  • More than 135 international destinations - a
    global fax machine in your pocket.
  • Combine different pages into one fax
  • Multifunctional document scanner
  • Image processing with advanced color correction,
    removing noise and shadows and many other
  • Creation of new documents from Camera Roll
    images and sending them by fax
  • Create documents using camera

Note: To start sending faxes, you need to purchase credits in the app

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