Lovely Memories
This application is for those who have recently
become, or about to become parents. Capture the
joy of each day and the first achievements of your
treasured baby in a fun and ingenious way!

I t

i s

e a s y :

  • Create the story of your baby!
  • 2.
  • how you were waiting for your baby
  • 3.
  • ... And about jis first achievements!
  • 4.
  • Over 500 elements of art graphics
    and fonts
  • 5.
  • Share your happiness with one touch

The first word, the first tooth, first steps — the moments that you would like to keep in memory forever.

Use the huge collection of art graphics with sweet and funny baby theme to save the tender memories, and to share the most important events of your pregnancy and your baby's life.


Over 500 stunning artworks to emphasize
the exciting events and special moments
in the life of your baby. 400 more may
be unlocked.


Add a sentimental text. Choose from our great
fonts, and sign the name of the baby, his/her
height, weight, and important dates...


Add gorgeous filters to emphasize a special


Instantly share your precious baby pics with
friends and family in SNS's, in text messages
or by email.

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